Schematic View of the Seventh-day Adventist

System of Theology and Doctrine

Prepared by Stephen Bauer, Ph.D.

Professor of Theology and Ethics

Southern Adventist University

Fall, 2016

(2005 Fundamental Belief Numbers in parentheses in the chart below)

Part I - Theology:

Who is God?


Part II - Anthropology:

Who is Man? How was man supposed to relate to God?

Divine Revelation/Inspiration of Scripture (1)

Creation (6)

God as Creator (2,6)

God as Trinity: (2)

       - Father (3)

       - Son (4 - Christology 1-Divinity of Christ)

       - Pneumatology I: Holy Spirit

                                    (5a- Personality/Divinity)

Man as creature (7a - Man a finite created being and how man should have related to God)

Part III - Socio-cosmology (Great Controversy):

What went wrong?


Part IV - Soteriology (Salvation):

How does God fix what went wrong?

Great Controversy – (8)

    (This section includes the GC in Heaven (angel vs Angel) and on Earth (fall of man)).


Doctrine of Salvation as follows:

          9 - Christology II - humanity of Christ and Substitutionary Atonement

          24a - The Sanctuary (daily service)

          10 - Experience of Salvation

          11 Growing in Christ


Part V - Matthetology (Fruits of Salvation):

What happens to people when God fixes what went wrong?


Part VI - Leitourgology (Agencies of Salvation ):

What means does God use to fix what went wrong?

Law of God (19)

Sabbath (20)

Stewardship (21)

Marriage and Family (23)

- (includes sexual ethics, marriage ethics, and

    divorce-remarriage ethics)

Christian Behavior (22) - i.e. lifestyle standards


Holy Spirit & Sp. Gifts (5b; 17)

Doctrine of the Church and the Unity of the Body of Christ (12, 14)

Ministry of the Church & its Ordinances

     (Baptism, Lord’s Supper, Foot washing)


The Remnant & its Mission (13)

Prophetic Ministry (Gift of Prophecy - 18)



Part VII - Eschatology (Final Destiny):

How will God ultimately end what went wrong?


System Structures:

Soft Heuristic/Theological Center: A permeating Essence or Flavor throughout the system = Christ

Investigative Judgement (24b)

     - The Sanctuary and 1844

     - The Investigative Judgement Process

Death/Immortal Soul & Hell (7b, 26)

Second Coming (25)

The Millennium (27)

New Earth (28)

Hard Heuristic Center: The doctrine that organizes and integrates the others into a system = Great Controversy. Like the hub of a bicycle wheel holding the spokes in order.

Theological Foundation: This is the doctrine of Creation, which is what makes God, God.

Starting Point:

Divine Revelation/Inspiration of the Bible. We could do no true theology (study of God) if God never reveals Himself to us. We start with what He has revealed.