Stephen Bauer

Seminars for Churches, Conferences and Conventions

People come to Christ, not just for pardon but for transformation. This seminar unpacks the mechanics of Righteousness by Faith from Romans and/or Hebrews in a way that lays the foundations for personal transformation over time.  My emphasis is practical, not theoretical.
Adventists claim the Law of God is a transcript of His character, but this claim is usually not well developed.  This seminar shows how the Law and the Gospel share the same moral DNA, and also shows how each commandment is an expression of God's character, and how it is a tool to teach us how to develop character traits like God's. 
What is Forgiveness?  How does it really work?  How does Forgiveness relate to Justice?   This seminar explores a biblical view of forgiveness -- what it is and what it is not.  It also explores forgiveness both from the perspective of the forgiver and from the perspective of the one being forgiven.  (This seminar was recorded by American Christian Ministries (ACM) at the Gulf States 2010 Camp Meeting, and can be purchased from ACM).
The Sanctuary is a distinctive Adventist doctrine yet is either ignored or presented in so complex a manner as to leave the listener feeling bewildered.   This seminar simplifies the message of the Sanctuary by focusing on the Sanctuary as giving the protocol for how sinners can approach a holy God safely.  A loving God wishes for us to approach Him, but His presence would destroy us due to our sinfulness.  This loving God has created a protocol, not to make approaching him difficult, but to ensure our safety so we can safely access Him for forgiveness and transformation.  
The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit has come under duress in the last decade, with a small, vocal minority seeking to deny the personhood of the Holy Spirit.  This seminar addresses the theological issues related to the Holy Spirit as part of a Trinity, His personality and divinity, as well as looking at the ministry and work of the Holy Spirit for the individual.  (This seminar was recorded by American Christian Ministries (ACM) at the Gulf States 2010 Camp Meeting, and can be purchased from ACM).
This seminar can be customized to cover issues like principles for dating and courtship, why reserve sexual expression for marriage,  biblical guidelines for sexual expression, God's design for marriage (including exploring the difference between biblical submission of a wife to a husband vs. non-biblical submission),  and issues in divorce and the right (or lack of right) to remarry.
Based on my Ph.D. dissertation, this program explores how Darwin's theory of evolution can impact ethics and morals, as well as theology.  In Ethics and morals, I show how evolution requires morality to be relativist and how Darwin's theory undermines the concept of human dignity and the impact on morals based in the concept of human dignity (i.e. human specialness as a basis for determining moral protections).  Also explores how evolution acts as a worldview contrary to scripture and hence generates some theological implications as well.