Handbook of Volapük

by Charles E. Sprague

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Text/html version:

Here is the complete text/html version of this work.

Cover, Preface, Contents, Introduction, pp. 1-66.

Vocabulary (pp. 67-113). <= An excellent bidirectional Volapük-English dictionary!

Key to Exercises, and conclusion (pp. 114-118).

Note:  Although the entire book is now available online, the above sections will still undergo some reformatting and the addition of hyperlinks in the (hopefully) near future.  In addition, for those wanting to see what the original looked like, here are the image files (jpg format) of the book:

Image files:

Danö! / Dankon! / Thanks particularly to Timothy Tikker for the sending me a copy of the Handbook to scan, and to Jonathan Badger, Mark E. Shoulson, and Emerson Alcott for their help and encouragement in getting it online.

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