Falsaj Amikoj / Faux Amis / False Friends!

Jen la listo / Voici la liste / Here is the list / Hier gibt's die Liste

When learning a new language it is very helpful if a word reminds you of related word in a language you already speak. Sometimes apparent similarities may lead one astray, however. Once you've learned the language you won't even notice the problems, but for the beginner there are confusing (and amuzing) moments.

For example:

Dare I say, "I came, I saw, I ate?"  (Sorry, bad joke!)  

Anyway, these words are spelled precisely the same, although they are pronounced differently. Or consider:

Not identical, but close enough for me to be truly confused when I started Spanish.

This webpage is devoted to listing as many of these confusing similarities as possible. I am actively seeking contributions! Email me, and please specify

  1. the word
  2. the two languages in which it exists
  3. the meaning in both languages

It is most convenient for me if your translations are in a language I speak: English, Esperanto, French or German. Note: There are many "false friends" which have related but not identical meanings. We're not interested in them here. We want widely divergent meanings! The words should be spelled the same or pronounced the same in the two languages. (Yes, "almost" the same is ok, too.)

Please return soon and see the growing list of contributions!

Thank you! / Dankon! / Merci! / Danke!

Jen la listo / Voici la liste / Here is the list / Hier gibt's die Liste

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