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On the "conlang" and "auxlang" lists, there have been frequent, extensive, and sometimes heated discussions of various perceived strengths and weaknesses of different planned languages.  I have taken part in these discussions, and have explained my view that although Esperanto is not perfect, it remains the best hope for supporters of the International Auxiliary Language ideal.

And explained, and explained... !

One great concern I have had is that the pronounced anti-Esperanto attitude of some of the regular posters on these mailing lists might give an incorrect view of the IAL movement to newcomers.  In fact, Esperantists visiting auxlang have been ridiculed and have quite naturally gone back to actually using the language, rather than arguing about it.

Herein lies the dilemma:  I would like visitors to be informed about "Exhibit A" of the IAL movement, the only planlingvo to achieve any significant level of real-life use:  Esperanto.  I would like to corrrect some of the misapprehensions and misleading statements which have been made and will no doubt continue to be made by its detracters.  Yet continued rehashing of the same arguments is deadly to the "old-timers".

What to do?

This collection of webpages is my answer.

This document will eventually contain a list of links, organized by topic, to various portions of these and other web pages, intended to demonstrate Esperanto's effectiveness as an IAL, despite (or in some case because of) the "defects" so fervently criticized by its opponents.

The main "Eo_unue" page represents my first approximation to such a topical list, but my collection of comments and responses to questions rapidly grew beyond all reasonable limits and now occupies some 30 files of various sizes.  There is a certain semblance of order, but as yet no clear-cut over-all plan (list of links).  [Reminds me of my life!]

Enter at your own risk:

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Aù iru al mia hejmpag^o
My gratitude to all participants of the auxlang list, whether we agreed or disagreed:  you made me think!  Special thanks to James Chandler, whose incredible energy and enthusiasm for the International Language Idea has impressed and amazed me, and who, by his example in making large amounts of material available on the web, inspired this work. 
 ^Gisdatigita je la 1 septembro 1997 fare de Ken Caviness     --    Bonvolu averti min pri eraroj!